You’ve never had this much fun learning at work. We know, because that’s what our clients have been telling us for 5 years. Our team-building sessions are unique, positive and meaningful. Take away important lessons and insights that will enable your team to communicate and collaborate more effectively in the future.

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“Thanks to Jay’s insightful workshop, our team building experience was incredibly valuable to both our new and tenured team members. The opportunities that we brought to the surface as a group, through Jay’s facilitation, are being implemented right now to improve our culture and our success as a team. We highly recommend this experience to other organizations.”

~ Tom Riley, Managing Director, S.i. Systems Ltd.


Successful teamwork in an escape game requires shared purpose, effective leadership, good communication, mutual trust and group synergy - the very same characteristics needed for team success in today’s economy.

This workshop will help your team extract lessons in effective collaboration from your escape attempt and apply those lessons to your ongoing teamwork.


  1. Build a sense of cohesion by inspiring team members to actively participate in collaborative problem solving.
  2. Extract key insights and lessons in teamwork and leadership and apply them to team's day-to-day work.
  3. Identify team strengths and areas for development in collaboration and communication.
  4. Explore strategies to effectively leverage strengths and improve upon challenges.


2 hours (escape game + feedback) or 3 hours (game + feedback and workshop)

Location options

  1. Online, using our virtual escape game, TAKEN
  2. In-person at one of Escape Manor’s locations
  3. In-person at a location convenient to you using our portable escape game, Ransom and Return


  • Escape game
  • Self-reflection exercise: best practices for communication and teamwork
  • Professional feedback & analysis of best practices
  • Group discussion and transferring of lessons to ongoing teamwork