Jay Gosselin has been a student of character-based leadership for as long as he can remember. He believes that the development of character is the most important factor in building effective leaders, organizations and communities. His passion for leadership development led him to founding MentorU and the Discover Year program, through which his mission is to help people and organizations thrive.

The insight Jay has gathered from coaching hundreds of teams and over 15,000 people enables him to deliver relevant, engaging and inspiring talks. Jay weaves together stories of rejection, persistence and triumph from travels through 51 countries and experiences in 19 different jobs to create a feeling of hope and excitement for his audiences. Jay’s greatest strength is his ability to connect authentically with all kinds of people and to create a safe and collaborative space to do honest, meaningful work.

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“Jay has an incredible presence on stage. He knows how to draw people in, and he keeps the audience hanging on the edge of their seats throughout his talks. He consistently delivers engaging, meaningful and original content.”

~ Mark Ebedes, President, Student Life Expo

Jay's Talks

Communicate more Effectively with Empathy

Connect with your Purpose

What allows certain people to find satisfaction and meaning, while others toil endlessly without ever truly achieving a sense of purpose in their work or life? In this talk, Jay explores what he calls the “Explorer” mindset.

Human exploration of what we are good at and what we care about is a lifelong process and applies to both individuals and organizations. Three fundamental principles show up time and time again among people who are thriving: facing fears and taking action with imperfect information; approaching life with open-mindedness and striving for objectives that align with our authentic motivations.


  1. Explore the benefits of choosing to pursue learning rather than achievement.
  2. Understand what human flourishing looks and feels like.
  3. Learn strategies to create more meaning and fulfillment in your life and organization.

Building Better Realtionships

Connect with your People

The ability to confide in and depend on those around us is a common requirement for all people to thrive. Research in psychology has identified three key conditions that enable us to build trusting relationships. In this talk, Jay explores this research and shares personal experiences to help audiences gain a deeper understanding of how to build more trusting relationships with clients, colleagues and family members alike.


  1. Explore what it means to share deep interpersonal trust with another person.
  2. Understand the conditions under which interpersonal trust can flourish.
  3. Learn skills to build deeper trust with others.

The Three Steps to Thriving