Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. To give you a sense of where our company comes from — and where we are going — I wanted to share the principles that guide MentorU in our mission to help people and organizations flourish.

We hope to work with you and - more importantly - to see you, your family and your team thrive in the future.

Wishing you a day of action, openness and authenticity,

Jay Gosselin
Founder and President

Our Purpose
To help people and organizations better understand their authentic selves, build the courage to utilize their greatest strengths and develop the communication skills to inspire others to do the same.

Our Belief
Meaning and fulfillment are achieved by identifying and pursuing our individual and collective interests, values and strengths in the service of others.

Our Principles
Facing fears and expanding our comfort zone in the pursuit of endeavours that pique our curiosity.

Embracing diversity and approaching life with a learner's mindset.

Aligning our decisions and actions with our authentic values, interests and strengths.

Our Services
- Job skills training
- Life skills training

Our Approach
Our training model places the needs of our participants at the centre of our programming. We use relevant content and an engaging hands-on approach to help our students and clients develop meaningful skills.

While we work with groups of all sizes, our greatest strength is the inclusive environment we foster through open, honest and empathetic interactions. Our clients and students consistently tell us that they have rarely experienced another environment that is at once supportive, challenging and meaningful.

Our Founder
To learn more about our Founder, Jay Gosselin, visit this page or his LinkedIn profile.