Would you like the young professionals on your team to be more proactive, communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients?

Of course you would. Every manager we have worked with (over 2,000 since 2011) does. However, most managers don’t know about MentorU’s Employee Excellence training programs for youth.

Equally as important, most employers don’t realize that there is funding available for Ontario businesses and non-profit organizations to help pay for this training. We can help on both accounts:

  1. Our Employee Excellence training programs help young professionals develop essential career skills such as customer service excellence, time management, professional communication and self-awareness;

  2. Our programs are eligible for funding through the Canadian Ontario Job Grant*.

Help your staff build the skills they need to thrive.

*MentorU is a certified Canadian post-secondary institution and a Government of Canada approved ProServices vendor.

"I learned skills I didn’t even know you could learn and get really good at. This program really sets you up for success."
— Isaac Finkelstein, '18.

Employee Excellence Programs

Fundamentals of Employee Excellence: An introductory course that includes 18 hours of live, immersive group coaching in addition to approximately 3 hours of self-directed learning.

Fundamentals PLUS: For people and teams who would like to build on the Fundamentals of Job Success, but who may not have the time to complete the full certificate. With Fundamentals PLUS, you can customize your program by adding specific modules from the list below to the Fundamentals program.

Employee Excellence Certificate: The full leadership certificate offers 48 hours of live, immersive group coaching in addition to approximately 10 hours of self-directed learning. A significant number of hours in the certificate course are spent applying the skills and strategies identified in the fundamentals course.

The Benefits to your Organization

Participants of our Employee Excellence training programs bring increased energy and optimism to their work. They leave the program equipped with important knowledge in teamwork and communication skills. This program will enable your newly hired team members to:

  • Step into their new job with confidence, curiosity and adaptability
  • Confront difficult situations and interactions more effectively, with greater directness and empathy
  • Build stronger trust with team members and clients more quickly, and
  • Contribute to a culture of open-mindedness, continued learning and effective collaboration

  • Course Content

    Fundamentals of Employee Excellence includes:

    Our Team

    MentorU’s network of mentors and coaches is extensive. Over 150 caring, successful and intelligent professionals contribute to our students’ success. While various networking and mentoring opportunities are available to our students through this community, we have hand-picked a small group of coaches for the Employee Excellence program. These coaches have passion and talent for helping young people fulfill their potential.


    Public Speaking & Communications Consultant


    Career Counselor/Coach


    Leadership Coach


    Psychotherapist & Facilitator


    Coach, Facilitator & Multidisciplinary Artist


    Program coordinator & facilitator

    Our Approach

    Our educational model places the needs of our participants at the centre of our programming. We use a group coaching approach based in inquiry and exploration to engage our participants in learning that is relevant to them and that inspires them to push the limits of their comfort zone.

    While we work with groups of all sizes, our greatest strength is the safe and inclusive environment we foster through open, meaningful and empathetic dialogue. Our clients and students consistently tell us that they have rarely experienced another environment that is at once supportive, challenging and meaningful.

    How We're Different

    When asked to describe what is different about our programming, our students consistently name three things:

    1. RELEVANT: Our students apply the knowledge directly to current, real-life examples.
    2. ENGAGING: We use a facilitator to student ratio of 1:6 to maintain discussion-based interactive learning.
    3. INSPIRING: Our facilitators are talented, passionate and dedicated, and it rubs off on our students.

    "MentorU creates an environment like no other. It feels safe, supportive and always friendly. Personally, this is the type of environment I wish I could be in all the time, but I feel lucky enough to experience it once a week. It feels good to be my true, authentic self in a space where everyone else feels the same."
    ~ Grace Lemon, '20

    Escape Rooms

    "I feel so much personal improvement from week to week and my views have generally changed. Overall, I feel like an improved human being.”

    ~ Rhys Fitzgerald, '20

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