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Whether face to face or virtual, our coaching model places participants at the centre of the session. If you are looking to inject some fun, engaging and thought-provoking dialogue into your event, let's chat.

All of our team building programs are available with the following options:


  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • Full day


  • In person or online
  • Minimum of 4 participants (no maximum)

"This was one of the best virtual workshops I have ever participated in. It was easy for the user and a wonderful way to connect with colleagues. Along with your facilitation the workshop provided meaningful and productive opportunities to work on communicating effectively and building resiliency."

- Bettina Sales, Science Policy Analyst, Government of Canada


What is your communication style?

Human beings have a tendency to believe that other people want us to communicate with them the same way we want to be communicated with. While “treat others as you expect to be treated” is generally good advice when it comes to fundamental human values such as compassion, respect and dignity, effective communication calls for more advanced skills. In this session, you will:

(1) use the B.A.N.K code communication-style assessment to explore the ways in which different personal values shape our thoughts and communication
(2) come to understand how to adapt your communication to other people’s needs, and
(3) learn skills to communicate more effectively with others and improve your relationships.

Building Trusting Teams

The ability to confide in and depend on those around us is a common requirement for all people to thrive. Research in psychology has identified three key conditions that enable us to build trusting relationships. In this session, you will:

(1) explore what it means to share deep interpersonal trust with another person
(2) come to better understand the conditions under which interpersonal trust can flourish and
(3) learn skills to build deeper trust with others.

Boost your Motivation

Human beings are driven by certain fundamental needs. The desire to have a sense of autonomy, competence and connection to those around us are central among these needs. In this session, you will:

(1) explore the three essential needs every human must meet to be intrinsically motivated
(2) come to better understand the conditions within which these needs are met and
(3) learn how to create these conditions within your own team.

Optimism: Building a Resilient Mindset

When things happen to us, there are many ways we can interpret why they happened, how long the effects will last, and how much they will impact other aspects of our lives. In this session, you will:

(1) explore the various stories you may be telling yourself about events that occur
(2) come to better understand the language that leads to a more optimistic outlook and
(3) learn skills to develop greater optimism.

Effective Feedback

The ability to both receive and deliver feedback effectively is often as difficult as it is important. Three things are critical in engaging in productive feedback: curiosity, non-judgment and honesty. In this session, you will:

(1) explore the three distinct types of feedback
(2) come to better understand the conditions that enable meaningful feedback and
(3) learn how to create these conditions to improve the feedback conversations that you are having.

Escape Rooms

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